Put a blanket on it!

Lillian Charles, my daughter and my wardrobe consultant…(yes, I have my own stylist and everybody should have one)...just wrote on FB about bundling up for the cold.
 Wait a minute, is that my plaid shirt 
I have one identical to that!  
Going to check my closet.  
Ok, that one is hers.

Well, back to the cold.

 I will not belabor the part about it being cold as snizzle out there. 
  That is all anyone can talk about, 
so if you are breathing today 
you probably know it is COLD!  

You know the temperatures 
will be 
sinking like a submarine 
as the sun goes down.
Don a hat,
  put on a
 go out and cover all
 of your green tender plants. 
 burlap fabric, 
burlap sacks,
beach towels
or anything else
 that is snuggly
needs to be

 Now run out
 wrap those plants
 before you have to venture
 into the 
subfreezing temperatures
 the sun goes down.

When the cold snap is gone, 
you will still have beautiful green plants!

  When the sun comes out and it warms up tomorrow, uncover the plants so they can breathe and see the sun!

Repeat as necessary.  

If you don't' cover up the plants and they die, call me!

I can get you more!!