Never a dull moment with Stella & Dot!

As most people do this time of year, I organize.

So, here I am midday on a Monday and I am... blogging?

Guess I needed a break from all that decision making of what to keep, what to give away, what to trash, AND what to sell!!!  More on that later...

I decided to spend a quick fwe minutes peaking at the new Stella and Dot Jewelry that my daughter Lillian sells.

Yesterday marked the debut of the 
Stella & Dot
Lillian and her friend and fellow-sales-mate Jodi watched the "fashion show" in Atlanta and I watched it here in Myrtle Beach.  FABULOUS stuff, ya'll!  We then facetime'd and discussed what Lillian would order for her "display" for this season.  She is so thrilled and I cannot wait to see it all in person, myself.  
-this piece was a "teaser" before the whole collection was revealed-
-and yes, I'm in love with it-
(For those of you who have seen this line --especially in person-- you know why it's so exciting... every piece is super unique, one of kind and it's all incredible quality.)
Below are the new pieces that inspired me to look for more things in this color palette: it all... and the aqua pieces made me daydream of summer and water and the color of water and how soothing that color is-----and out pops the theme for this blog!
Don't eat these too much anymore, but love the color.
This color looks good on everyone, no matter your hair or skin color.

I love the freedom of this painting... it's all so splashed in there yet... it works!
So soft and pretty.

I could live here!
Don't know what is going to be mixed up here, but the measuring cup is just the color for this  blog :)
Perfect color!
This just make me smile!
Gotta love Etsy!
See my board "TEAL" on Pinterest for individual photo credits and where to find these teal items!  (Harriet Charles Pinterest)
Now back to organizing!

A little secret...
want to get your hands on some of the fabulous S&D jewelry for FREE?  (I don't blame ya!)
Ask Lillian about hosting a trunk show...
I was so opposed to this, initially, now that I've had two in my home, I don't understand why anyone WOULDN'T!  It's a fabulous time to see girlfriends, catch up and get great style tips from Lillian... a professional stylist.  Stay tuned for her Personal Styling website which is in the works!

Lillian & I on NYE in our Stella & Dot!