Art & Soul: An Artisan Gallery

Owner Rita Levine has collected a plethora of incredible artwork of 
all types.

Oil Paintings, Watercolor, Jewelry, Metal work, Photography
Blown glass, Silkscreens, Painted glass, Pottery and more 
You name it, Rita's got it!

Here are some of my favorite pieces...

Kim Clayton

The mastermind behind Art and Soul:
owner extraordinaire! 

And she has now added a 
much needed addition to the Myrtle Beach scene
-- an independent coffee shop --

(now we're feeling metro!)

Looking for 
Art Lessons?

You've found it all under one roof!

As an added bonus, creative genius

Rebecca Zdybel

has an open studio class to 

"Release your Inner Artist"
How Fun!

I have been so fortunate to work with both Rita & Rebecca.

used the color scheme of Art & Soul's logo 
to splash the exterior of the art gallery with 
vibrant hues of reds & purples

If you need a new look to make your entrance say 

South Gate Design will make the
exterior of your home or business
the perfect invitation to enter
with custom

floral selections and potted plants.

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