Green Fiend!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

You're not out of luck yet!

If you are in Florence, SC today
head on over to 
Forest Lake Greenhouses

for some

Lucky Irish Shamrocks

Once you have your


skip the green beer

head to the kitchen...

Grab your Blender

my Blendtec

any heavy duty blender will do.


-- 1 1/2 Cups green grapes --

-- 1 1/2 Cups spinach --

--  1/4 Lime including the rind --

-- A handful of ice cubes --

                                   -- Blend on Whole Juice --

you have the best St. Patty's drink around...

 Spinach and Grape Smoothie with Lime
Famous for being the secret to Popeye’s legendary strength, spinach is truly a nutritional powerhouse—and perfect for green smoothies.  

A Harvard University study found that women who ate spinach more than five times a week had a 47 percent decrease in risk of cataract surgery compared with those who ate spinach less than once a month.
--- I rely on my blender ---
I take my blender with me when I am going out of town and traveling by car.

The point
Smoothies are a remarkable
addition to any diet as you can cram in loads
of vitamins through veggies & fruits as you
enjoy something delicious!

Try adding
 some GREEN
to your next