Divine Indulgence...

Whether or not you're a fan of 
Valentine's Day,
it's just around the corner
so we might as well 
embrace it!

from my daughter's file of "furry friends"
Flowers, of course, are a classic Valentine's Day gift
and you'd think that I would be focusing on which flowers
to gather for your hunny...
this post is about
my love affair with 
photo of CACOA from nakedwithcooking.com
Dark chocolate is my absolute favorite!
if you're going to "spend" calories on sweets...
(some may say "waste" calories but that's such a dirty word!)
than you might as well get the GOOD stuff!
So, my friends, I have three words for you...


While I was in Atlanta, I stumbled 
upon this glorious little chocolate shop 
in Virginia Highlands.
Just a step off the street and into this chocolaterie 
and you truly feel like you've been 
swept up and away to Paris!
The European-esq chalkboard menu was so luxurious 
against crisp ivory shelves
and the glossy marble counter tops
made the dark, savory chocolate leap off the counter tops...
don't look over the adorable "hermes orange" packaging, either...
The uniqueness of this little shop is in its "message to the world":

We hope our message of love is translated 

through our product; 

because at Cacao Laboratoire, it is our mission to compose a 

product inspiring you to give love, give chocolate.

So, here's to inspiring you to embrace Valentine's Day