South Gate in the Fall
hyyc 2011

I am so excited about the coming weeks...gathering our immediate family and extended families, celebrating my father-in-law's 90th birthday,  heading to the farm, watching football, sitting by the fire, shooting skeet by the pond, walking on the beach, cooking and cooking away... ALL of these things make me so HAPPY!

What do you like about fall?
I have asked this question to many of my friends, both young and old, and I've received some spectacular responses.  I've added some of my own visuals to my friends' replies... enjoy!

Amy Claire, age two, said "RED! ... and purple."  

Another friend told me that seeing the color of the leaves and hearing them crunch under foot was "pure fall bliss"

hyyc 2007

A very common "favorite fall" answer was, of course, the over all beauty of the leaves changing and autumn color bursting from wildlife on every corner 

hyyc 2007
"The buying, cooking, and eating of apples!" My daughter Lillian loves "apple season"...
The Food Chanel
Another friend said that shopping for root vegetables to make hardy soups & stews for her family was most pleasing...
hyyc 2006
Me?  I enjoy fall flowers in the breakfast room...
hyyc 2011

 Ferns and bromeliads in a straw basket...

Fall Centerpiece
hyyc 2011

Naked straw, stems and dried flowers from the yard...

hyyc 2011

My FAVORITE answer is from my sweet, sweet mother...

The shorter days force you inside for an early dinner and gives me more time to snuggle up and be cozy with my beloved husband (of 66 years!)
Chicken soup, crusty bread and romano cheese
hyyc 2011

Snuggle Up Buttercup!

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